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Terry Miller

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Spring 2019

As spring blossoms open and trees begin to leaf out once again, Terry’s studio time is filled with preparations for two upcoming special events, both to take place in June. In the early days of that month, Terry will head to the Pacific Northwest to Ashland, Oregon where he will present a three day workshop on the fundamentals of good compositional design. Several weeks later, he will reprise his presentation outside of Richmond, Virginia during a two day version of the workshop.

As those preparations are taking place, he is also busy at the drawing board completing new works for gallery and upcoming fall events, including a very special group show at the newly renovated Cincinnati Museum Center at the beautiful Art Deco former Union Station. In the Audubon Tradition, put together by the Susan Kathleen Black Foundation, will honor the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Museum of Natural History and Science and John James Audubon’s connection as its first employee. The exhibition will feature the works of 100 respected nature and animal artists and Terry is honored to be contributing several works to that unique event which will open in early September.

Currently on view at the Michelson Museum of Art in Marshall, Texas, the touring portion of the 2018 edition of Birds in Art includes Terry’s work “‘Twas There I Spent My Callow Youth”, on view through July 7th before it travels to the Hudson River valley for its final tour site this fall at the Newington-Cropsey Foundation.

Terry Miller can be reached at: pencilart1@verizon.net