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Fall into Winter 2019

As temperatures have chilled and the trees have begun to lose their leaves, autumn has taken hold outside the studio windows. Frequent visitors of the four-footed kind, have almost taken up residence in Terry’s back yard over the last couple of months and made for great reference gathering material. They’ve even showed up in several of his most recent drawings and most definitely will continue to play a major roll as subject matter on the drawing board.

During and continuing over the next several months, two of Terry’s works can be seen in important exhibitions in the state of Texas. “Sunday at the Lake” can be seen through the early days of January at the Briscoe Western Art Museum in San Antonio as part of this year’s members’ exhibition of the Society of Animal Artists. “When Trees Glow Red and Yellow” will travel to the Wichita Falls Museum of Art as part of the traveling exhibition of this year’s edition of the Woodson Art Museum’s Birds in Art, opening in Wichita Falls on January 17, remaining there for just over a month before it travels on to the next venue on the tour.

Studio time over the next several chilly months will be occupied with preparations for February’s Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in Charleston, SC as new works continue to come off Terry’s drawing board.

Terry Miller can be reached at: pencilart1@verizon.net