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Winter 2018

Looking forward to spending a few days experiencing the hospitality and charm, not to mention a bit of warmer weather, of Charleston, South Carolina during the 2018 edition of the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition, Terry’s studio time has been devoted to preparing new work for the mid-February show weekend.

Returning to the Expo in 2016, after having been away from exhibiting there for a decade, has certainly renewed Terry’s connection to the event, which all started in 1990 with his attendance to the show for the first time and then for 17 consecutive years through 2006. It was the undertaking of exhibiting at the Expo in 1990 that motivated him to seriously consider turning to his art as a full-time, professional possibility.

That February of 1990 was certainly a turning point and with a successful outing at that large-scale show of artwork with an animal theme, it was the realization that maybe he could earn a living from his art alone, that gave Terry the push needed to leave the field of teaching, which he had been involved in from 1980 on, and turn to devoting his time and efforts to making art! And that, as they say, was just the beginning.

So, Charleston and the Expo hold a dear and coveted spot in Terry’s heart making this year, his 20th appearance at the Expo, certainly a very emotional anniversary. Many things about the show have changed over the years, especially during those ten years he was away from it, but the fact that the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition remains one of the premier events focused completely on the genre of animal art, has never altered. Terry is pleased to have his work included in the 36th edition of the Expo.

Another mid-winter event, the opening of the touring portion of the 2017 edition of Birds in Art, will occur on February 24th at the Stamford Museum and Nature Center in Stamford, Connecticut. The 60 works on tour, including Terry’s work, “Lisa’s Girls”, will hang at that east coast venue through May 28 before heading on to its next stop on the national tour.

Terry Miller can be reached at: pencilart1@verizon.net